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3D Printing Price Calculator

Our 3D printing price calculator is meant to give our customers a very good estimate of what it will cost to 3D Print their parts and models. We offer various materials ranging from standard modelmaking materials to a variety of engineering materials, and resolutions.








RESOLUTION: 100 50    microns




TOTAL: * Shipping and Tax not included

How to use the 3D Printing Price Calculator

  1. Open your file in the STL viewer by using the “drag and drop” feature or clicking the link in the viewer. (The viewer will accept .STL and .OBJ files).
  2. Choose the Units (mm or inch) that the file was exported with
  3. Set the desired Scale value
  4. Values for Volume, Length, Width, and Height, if all are shown in Green, indicates that the part is printable
  5. If one of the values is shown in Red, then the part is not printable. Please use the Scale input box to change the scale until all values are shown in Green
  6. Select the Material that best suits your needs. (Links beside the Material selection dropdown can be used to view the spec sheet of each material)
  7. Select the desired resolution
  8. Input the quantity needed
  9. In some cases, a price will not be shown even though all values are shown in Green. This indicates that pre-processing will be needed to print the part
  10. Use the Contact Us button to send us your file with your desired settings for printing (Clicking the “Contact Us” button will redirect you to our Contact Us form in a new tab).
  11. In the Contact Us form please select the “3D Printing” service check box, and choose the “Ready to print” option to send us your file with the desired settings


  • A surcharge will be added for materials that we do not stock on a regular basis.
  • Surcharge is calculated based on the total volume printed in the order.
  • Please contact us for more information regarding surcharge for different materials.

Tax and Shipping

  • The price shown in the pricing calculator does not include Tax and Shipping.
  • Tax and Shipping will be charged on the pro forma invoice.
  • All shipping options will include a tracking number.

Order Process

  1. Once we receive the 3D printing request, we will contact you back within 24 hours
  2. Based on the files and the desired print settings, we will email you a quote with the applicable Tax and Shipping
  3. Once the quote has been accepted, a pro forma invoice will be sent for the order
  4. Upon receipt of the payment, we will start 3D printing the files
  5. Updates will be sent through the email provided by the client

Pre-processing and Scaling

  • Our pre-processing service includes fixing errors in mesh files such as removing outlier faces, reducing polygon counts and converting CAD or mesh files to 3D printable formats like .STL and .OBJ.
  • The scaling service is aimed at scaling up or down original models. When scaling down parts and equipment for 3D printing, choices have to be made on which features have to be kept and which features will have to be removed while still maintaining the look of the original model. For showcasing models, we pre-process and scale down the original design and 3D print them using materials that are truer to the original design.
  • Pre-processing and Scaling is an additional service that is not included with the price shown in the pricing calculator above. If your files need pre-processing or scaling, please contact us using our Contact Us Form.


  • All 3D printed parts are post-processed before shipping.
  • Post-process includes removal of supports and sanding away support marks.
  • We will use a mineral oil finish to bring out the shine of the resin.
  • Post-processing is included without any additional charge.