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Medical Applications

Numerous medical applications in the healthcare industry benefit from using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. These technologies have become irreplaceable tools in treating many types of health conditions. In applications of orthotics and prosthetics, 3D scanning is a valuable tool for medical professionals as it allows them to gather complex geometries of human limbs quickly while maintaining a level of comfortability for their patients. 3D scanning has also been a game changer when it comes to treating plagiocephaly in infants and toddlers. It has helped professionals create digital cranial scans of infants and toddlers in a matter of minutes. The healthcare industry has also seen many benefits from using 3D printing technology for creating custom casts and body parts for different applications. Certain 3D printing materials have also been approved by the FDA for use in a variety of medical applications.

Digital Scanning of Limbs for Orthotics/Prosthetics

Digital Cranial Scanning

3D Printing for Medical Applications