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3D Printing

3D printing has become more accessible due to the increase in resolution and the reliability of the printers. However, 3D printing in high-resolution for very fine details for prototyping and model making still requires specialized 3D printers, knowhow of CAD software and material properties of different 3D printable materials. Our 3D printing solutions utilize our SLA based 3D printers to print parts and components with smooth surfaces, hold reliable tolerances and offer a large catalogue of materials. Our catalogue of materials ranges from standard modelmaking materials, to a variety of engineering materials. We also offer more specialized materials that are flexible, elastic and high temperature resistant. In addition, we can also print materials that are approved by the FDA for bioprinting applications. By offering 3D printing services in-house, we can combine it with our other services to create hybrid solutions.

High-resolution 3D Print of a digitized Coconut tree
High-resolution 3D Print of a digitized Coconut tree



A pre-processed and scaled 3D printed model


3D print of an orthotic designed using Scan-to-CAD Orthotic 3D Printed
3D print of an orthotic worn on hand designed using Scan-to-CAD Orthotic Worn