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At CADTech USA, we have the skills and capabilities to combine different technologies in 3D scanning and CAD design to solve new and existing problems. We are able to offer our customers cost-effective and time-saving solutions for their projects through our in-house 3D scanning, and a team of designers and engineers with knowledge of different industries and proficiency in various CAD programs. All the work we do at CADTech USA is done in-house, and none of it is outsourced.

Multifunctional Trainer Gym Equipment

3D model of a multifunctional trainer gym equipment with full set of fabrication drawings

Oil and Gas Fracking Skid

3D in-context modeling with multiple sub-assemblies, routing and weldments, and full set of fabrication drawings.

Custom Jig for Tactical Helmets

A custom jig created using Scan-to-CAD for applying custom velcro patches to tactical helmets.

Modifying an Existing Plastic Tank

Modifications done to a 3D model of a plastic tank for blow molding.

Scan-to-CAD of Unions

3D models of unions created through Scan-to-CAD for CNC machining.

2D to 3D of an Intricate Part

An intricate part for Oil and Gas converted to a 3D model from a 2D drawing for CNC machining.

2D to 3D Model of Skid

3D model of a skid converted from 2D drawings showing placement of equipments, pipe routing and weldment structures with drawings.

Scan-to-CAD of Embroidery Hoops

Converting exsiting embroidery hoops to a magnetic design.

Magazine and Follower

Scan-to-CAD of a magazine and its follower.

CNC Bits for Glass Cutting

Scan-to-CAD of CNC bits used in glass cutting machines.

Product Design of a Laser Lamp

Product design of a laser lamp from hand-sketches to 3D model, prototypng and manufaturing drawings.

2D to 3D of a Complex Part

A complex part for Oil and Gas converted to a 3D model from a 2D drawing for CNC machining.

Scan-to-CAD of an Air Intake Pipe

Scan-to-CAD of a plastic air intake pipe for injection molding.

Custom Packaging for a Tactical Helmet

Custom foam cutouts designed for a tactical helmet packaging.