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Legacy and Aftermarket Parts


  • Parts for Legacy Systems
  • For Aftermarket Parts
  • Accurate Reconstructions

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Modifying Existing Systems


  • Improve Existing Designs
  • Extract & Combine Designs
  • Modify for Other Applications

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Bioengineering Applications


  • For Orthotics/Prosthetics
  • Sports Equipment Design
  • Interfacing to Medical

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Packaging and Mold Design


  • Organic/Freeform Shapes
  • Molds for Thermoforming
  • 3D Parting Lines

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Legacy Systems & Aftermarket Parts

Our legacy systems and aftermarket parts solution is aimed at recreating parts or components that the OEM has stopped producing, or an alternative is needed to the one produced by the OEM. Our solution uses the Scan-to-CAD approach, where we use our in-house 3D scanners to create a 3D digital copy of the physical object for use as a reference. This is combined with our 20+ years of experience in mechanical design and engineering.

Modifying Existing Systems

Our modifying existing systems solution is a hybrid solution that combines our Scan-to-CAD workflow with our knowledge and experience in the field of mechanical design and engineering to modify and build upon a part or component. Our experience allows us to keep the modifications we make compatible with the existing manufacturing process, while adhering to DFMA methodology and keeping the cost of manufacturing low.

Bioengineering Applications

This application combines our knowledge of engineering with the field of life sciences to solve problems related to biology, health care, sports medicine and other fields. Our Scan-to-CAD solution for such applications skips the reverse engineering part, and uses the scanned mesh, which is freeform and organic in shape, as a reference to create CAD geometry around it. This lets us design intricate products around complex geometries.
Scanned Mesh of Hand CAD
Orthotic designed using scanned mesh of hand as a refernce Scanned

Packaging and Mold Design

Our packaging and mold design solution primarily focuses on combining 3D scanned parts with freeform or complex organic shapes to CAD primitives to create a mold for use in split-cast molds and molds for thermoforming. We use our Scan-to-CAD knowledge to create a 3D parting line around complex freeform geometries. In addition, we can combine our in-house 3D printing services to create precise physical molds.
Mold for Thermoforming Mold for
Plastic Thermoformed Plastic

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Digitization for 3D Printing


  • Accurate Capture of Geometry
  • High-resolution Textures
  • in-house 3D Printing

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Scan-to-Inspection Scan to Inspection


  • Part-to-CAD Inspection
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Inspection for Raw Forging

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Heritage and Digital Preservation


  • For Creating Digital Archives
  • Assist in Artifact Restoration
  • For Creating Virtual Museums

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Research and Analysis


  • Long Distance Collaboration
  • Computer Aided Analysis
  • Easier way to Share Data

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Digitization for 3D Printing

The Digitization for 3D Printing solution focuses on combining our 3D Scanning and 3D Printing services. By combining these two services, we can offer our customers better pricing and save time along the way. Our in-house 3D scanners are accurate up to 0.1 mm, with the ability to capture both geometric, and freeform or organic shapes, while our 3D printing service can print with a resolution of up to 25 microns, with smooth surfaces.
Wooden Table digitized for 3D Printing, Top View
Wooden Table digitized for 3D Printing, Front View


Our Scan-to-Inspection solution uses our in-house 3D scanning service to offer various inspection services such as; part to CAD inspection, first article inspection (FAI), and inspection for raw forging and casting. Our in-house 3D scanners are used to digitize accurate 3D scanned meshes that can be compared to the CAD model to check for deviations between them. We can provide color map and pin-point errors in the report for documentation.
CAD model in inspection software CAD Model
Mesh overlaid on CAD model for inspection (FAI) Mesh Overlay

Heritage and Digital Preservation

Our Heritage and Digital preservation solution is aimed at preserving and archiving artifacts and art pieces. Digitization of artifacts help museums better document and classify them, while ensuring that future generations will be able to appreciate them in case of deterioration or damage. Digitization can also assist curators in artifact restoration. Our 3D scanning solution combines 3D scanned meshes with high-resolution texture data.

Research and Analysis

Our Research and Analysis solution builds upon our Heritage and Digital Preservation solution. The digitizing is aimed at making it easier to share them with researchers. It is a viable solution for archeologists and paleontologists who are out in the field without the proper equipment to send the scanned data to a laboratory for proper analysis. Our portable 3D scanner coupled with our willingness to travel makes us a great solution.
Research and Analysis

Mechanical Design        Learn more

Product Design Mechanical Prototyping


  • Idea to Prototype
  • Cost Effectiveness of Design
  • Consideration of Mfg. Process

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2D To 3D CAD Conversion


  • Convert 2D Drawings to 3D
  • Hard-Copy Drawings to Digital
  • Familiar with Various Industries

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Sheetmetal and Weldments


  • Bend Allowance & K-Factor
  • Flat-Pattern Drawings
  • Welded Assembly & Drawings

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Pipe Routing and Fabrication


  • Expertise in Pipe-Routing
  • Understanding in Fabrication
  • As-Built Conditions

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Product Design

Product design is the process of creating a product from the idea phase all the way to the prototype phase and ultimately to manufacturing. A typical product design process starts out with an idea, followed by a design concept, 3D model in a CAD software, to detail drawings for manufacturing. In most cases, a prototype is made base on the final model before manufacturing to avoid and rule out any errors or flaws in the design.
Product Design, Idea to Prototype

2D To 3D CAD Conversion

Many companies have 2D drawings of equipment and parts that are in digital and hard-copy format, however, due to limited resources are unable to convert them into 3D models. Our expertise with various CAD software and our ability to read and understand 2D drawings of all types from most of the major industries lets us assist our customers in converting their 2D drawings to 3D models in a timely and cost-effective way.
Drawing of part Drawing
3D model overlaid on drawing 3D Model

Sheetmetal and Weldments

Sheetmetal and weldments are an integral and fundamental form of metalworking used in countless everyday objects and equipment from most of the major industries. Designing with sheet metal and weldments is a complex process, and require years of knowledge and experience. Our combined understanding in sheet metal and weldments of over two decades allows us to save time and be cost-effective for our customers.
showing weldments behind sheetmetal Weldments
Showing sheetmetal Sheetmetal

Pipe Routing and Fabrication

In the industrial sector pipe-routing combined with knowledge and experience in fabrication and machining is also important. Without the proper experience in fabrication and machining practices, companies can suffer huge costs when piping cannot be installed on-site as per the design. In addition, our experience in these three areas can allow companies to design a more efficient and cost-effective system.
Pipe-routing (pipe routing) on a filtration panel

3D Printing        Learn more

High-resolution 3D Printing


  • Intricate Complex Models
  • Prints With Smooth Finish
  • Various Materials & Colors

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Fast-Prototyping Fast Prototyping


  • Fast In-House Prototyping
  • Engineering Materials
  • Flexible & Elastic Materials

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Preprocessing and Scaling


  • Downscaling & Upscaling
  • Fix Errors
  • Merge or Split Meshes

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Bioprinting Medical FDA


  • FDA Certified Materials
  • Use in Medical Applications
  • Microfluidics

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High-Resolution 3D Printing

The high-resolution 3D printing solution is aimed at providing customers access to 3D printing services that are high-quality and affordable. We have in-house 3D printers that are based on SLA technology, which is known for providing prints with smooth finishes with no visible layer lines. With the addition of a vast catalogue of plastic materials, customers get the choice of choosing the right material for their needs.
High-resolution 3D Print of a digitized Coconut tree
High-resolution 3D Print of a digitized Coconut tree


The Fast-Prototyping solution is aimed at providing an affordable and reliable 3D printing service to our customers. For the most part, this solution is combined with our Product Design solution as add-on for fast in-house prototyping. Combined with our high-resolution printers and choice of multiple engineering materials, prototyping new plastic designs has never been easier and more cost-effective.

Preprocessing and Scaling

Our Preprocessing and Scaling solution for 3D printing is intended to help customers fix their existing designs and scale them if needed. We preprocess the files to fix errors in mesh files, and remove and reduce unwanted geometry. The scaling option is for scaling files up and down while maintaining the original look and feel of the model. From there we can 3D print them using materials that are suitable per the application.
A pre-processed and scaled 3D printed model


Our Bioprinting solution is essentially a 3D printing service targeted at bioengineering applications like that of orthosis and prosthesis. Combined with our Bioengineering Applications solution, we are able to provide our customers a complete in-house solution for taking a design from concept to final production. 3D printing for such applications is a great choice as complex designs can be made with materials that are FDA approved.
3D print of an orthotic designed using Scan-to-CAD Orthotic 3D Printed
3D print of an orthotic worn on hand designed using Scan-to-CAD Orthotic Worn

Aerial 3D Scanning        Learn more

Roof Inspections


  • Detailed 3D Scan of Roof
  • Waypoint Video of Roof
  • Affordable Pricing

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3D Site Mapping and POI Point of Interest


  • Project Planning and Design
  • For Volume Calculations
  • Contours and Surfaces

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Technical Inspections


  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Damage Assessments

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Lidar Scanning

(Coming Soon)

  • Forestry Mapping
  • Bare Earth Model
  • Sparse & Complex Structures

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Roof Inspections

Our roof inspections solution is intended for giving our customers a quick reliable service for inspecting their roofs for damage. Traditional ways of roof inspection have always been time-consuming, costly, and puts the technician performing the inspection at risk of injury. Our FAA certified UAV based solution is a safer alternative, while being time and cost effective. Our deliverables include a surface model of the roof and a waypoint video.
Showing missing shingles on a roof

3D Site Mapping and POI

Digital 3D site mapping is the process of capturing aerial imagery and converting them to highly accurate georeferenced 3D models in software. Our aerial 3D scanning solution is capable of collecting high-resolution imagery for generating precise digital maps with precision under 10 cm. we also perform 3D POI (Points of Interest) scans to create 3D models of buildings, monuments and statues for archiving and restoration.
Sparse point cloud of a site through photogrammetry Sparse Point
Textured mesh of a site through photogrammetry Textured

Technical Inspections

Technical inspections require personnel to examine structures by sight. Considerable resources such as scaffolding, cranes and other equipment is needed which can be costly and possess a high risk to the individual. Our UAV based solution is capable of performing such inspections at a fraction of the time while eliminating the cost of other equipment powering them down in case of dynamic structures like wind turbines.
showing oil rig

Lidar Scanning (Coming Soon)

Lidar is a form of 3D scanning that utilizes laser light to create a 3D representation of the target. Lidar scanning has a few advantages over photogrammetry-based 3D scanning such as the ability to operate in low-light conditions, penetrate to the ground surface in areas with heavy foliage, and capture data in all directions instead of just one plane. For more information on our Lidar solution and its applications, please contact us using the links below.
Lidar coming soon

About Us

Our Mission: To offer our customers the most efficient solution by employing the full extent of new and current technologies.

At CADTech USA, we have the ability to provide and advise you on the best solution for your particular project. Over the years, our team has acquired know-how in various industries and software, which gives us better insight to specific industry needs. Our main goal is to provide a solution that is cost-effective and time-saving, while guaranteeing exceptional quality.


CADTech USA is proud to partner with technological companies in the 3D scanning, 3D printing and Scan-to-CAD industries around the globe.

Our experience as a 3D scanning and 3D printing solution provider, gives us better insight into how these technologies can be applied in various industries. This acquired know-how is essential in providing the right product and solution for our customers.

Our dedicated support specialists will ensure that you get the most from your 3D scanning investment.

Our Partners


Innovation Meets Digitization

Scantech is one of the earliest high-tech companies to research and develop handheld 3D visual measurement devices. Leveraging its profound technological prowess, Scantech has established strategic partnerships with a number of world-class companies and reached cooperation for joint R&D centers and co-development plans with multiple optical metrology companies in Europe.

The Scantech product line stretches from metrology-grade laser 3D scanners to consumer-grade color 3D scanners, with applications in areas of aerospace, automotive/rail transport, manufacturing, medical care and rehabilitation, digital arts for TV and film, education and research, cultural heritage protection, 3D printing and VR/AR.

Artec Logo

Leaders in 3D Scanning Technology

Artec 3D is a global leader in handheld and portable 3D scanners and has been at the forefront of developing innovative 3D technology since 2007.

Artec 3D is known for manufacturing high-quality, yet easy-to-use portable 3D scanners, smart, user-friendly 3D software that provides the best integration possibilities, whatever the application. Located in Luxemburg, Germany, Artec 3D has a worldwide presence and a large number of global clients for its state-of-the-art 3D technology.

3D Systems Logo

Expertise and Solutions for Advanced Applications

3D Systems launched the 3D printing industry in 1986 and has been leading additive manufacturing innovation ever since. Our broad portfolio of hardware, software, and material solutions spans from plastics to metals, and is backed by industry-specific engineering expertise housed in our Applications Innovation Group. We take a consultative, application-focused approach to solving your most difficult design and production challenges. The combination of our solutions, expertise, and innovation helps our users defy conventional manufacturing limitations and maximize the value of additive manufacturing.

Headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with offices, manufacturing facilities, and Customer Innovation Centers around the globe, 3D Systems has the expertise and resources to advance industries.

Polyga Logo

Trusted Brand in Scan-to-CAD Software

Polyga, based out of Vancouver, Canada is a trusted brand of 3D imaging solutions used worldwide in different sectors such as medical imaging, computer vision, 3D visualization, manufacturing and building information systems.

With a mission to develop and create 3D scanners and mesh processing software that are simple and powerful for engineers, researchers and professionals that require 3D scan data for visualization and measurement applications.


Trusted Brand in 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB is a global leader in 3D scanning spray technology and 3D scanning accessories, based out of Recklinghausen, Germany. Founded in 2018, the company has grown to have a worldwide presence and a large number of global resellers and clients.

With the vision of providing the perfect solution for supporting 3D scanning tasks, AESUB has made it their mission to constantly develop, improve and supply the best-in-class consumables and accessories for 3D digitizing industry.


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